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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The force will be with you...

Do you know ReSharper?

Itself says it is "The Most Intelligent Add-In To Visual Studio".
I have had a try and I'm really impressed!
May be the most of you have heared and/or had a chance to run a trial.
Have a look at the new demo (Jedi Coding) Ilya Ryzhenkov has published!

If you dare to have a look, keep in mind: Nothing is sharper than a lightsaber!

1 comment:

AGSystemS said...

Ever tried to code with this music? Doesn't work - at least who can do will also eat little children. I think that is kind of dark side of the force. However the dark side is sweet and the tool looks sweet too ...
looking forward to test it (the tool not the childrens)