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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothin but .Net (Day 3)

It was a great day again!
JP gave us some tasks to complete in pair programming, test driven, of course.
Beginning in the morning, coding until afternoon and getting really deep into top down development and writing tests first makes this day absolutely wealthy to identify my own deficits.
I learned a lot (thanks to Michel for the inspiring and entertaining pair programming)!

I have to admit that we did not completed all the tasks, but Stefan and Björn developed the best point JP used to complete and refactor.

After supper (unfortunately the surroundings of the hotel where we do the training has a big lack of good restaurants) JP introduced the concepts of a container to get rid of the poor man's dependency injection. In less than one hour he completed a whole container wrapper which shields an underlying real container framework. He also prepared unit tests for us to implement a simple own container.
We did it in a few minutes, but we both were not sure that using Activator.CreateInsance(interface) during the resolving is a good solution.
How would you do this?
JP solution was to have registration items which calls an anonymous delegate to create the requested object.
Later he extended it with lifetime support.

Watching at JP working, everything looks so easy and logical, but I'm sure that I cannot redo by myself with this ease. Indeed a fact of missing routine.

At the very end (11.40pm) JP kicked us with some more container stuff and we all are happy that he is recoding the whole stuff, so we can retrain ourself ;-)

Sleep well!

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AGSystemS said...

i'm really jealous, but i'm also sure that the training would go far beyond my skills. actually torn to resume BooKeeper or wait till your return. by the way my mt defense is on 10.10 - so i sadly have to do some business stuff anyway =o/