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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothin but .Net (Day 5)

A little bit late, but here it is:

Some comments on the end of day 4
Most of us where able to follow the tasks until about 4:00am!
When I left the training room only Michel and Stefan stayed with JP to go code on.
(when reading the next lines, be aware of: JP didn't went to bed this night!)

The Last Day!
JP presented the results of his last coding hours from day 4:
A QueryBuilder providing a flunet interface to specify a query which later can be visited to create the corresponding SQL statement. Together with a data base gateway this query can executed to get the data from the SQL server.
data_rows = db_gateway.execute_for_rows(Query.from(Tables.Products.table_name)
Awesome, isn't it?

The Bootcamp
This morning JP challenged us in a completely new way: Extreme TDD
While he is committing one test (oh, we BDD'ers say Observation) after the other to the svn repository everybody had to make the current observation passing until the first one said "Checked In!". It was really really fast (and sometimes a little bit frustrating when being almost finished, but another one shouted: "Checked In!")!

Pair Programming

After lunch JP assigned tasks to the pairs:
  • Adding missing functionality
  • Setting up a TeamCity server for CI
  • Auto wiring container (Björn, I love your result!)
  • Code generation using Velocity engine
  • ...
It all went on until 2.00am, but even with some red bull the batteries where low! (more than 42h hours without sleep for JP - how could you bear up so long?)

Good to have more than 6GB of screencasts to

Thank You!
JP, it was really an honor and pleasure to be at your course to learn so many stuff.
God bless you and your family!

Also thanks to the attendees
("Basti", "Bavo", "Birgit", "Björn", "Björn",
"Jonas", "
Michel", "Niki", "Simon", "Stefan",
for having such a good time with you to share experiences, impressions and more!
And to say it with Michel's words: I'm really going to miss you.

I'm still tired, but:

And (JP, sorry for using your motto) keep on to

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