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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothin but .Net (Day 1)

Nothin But .NET

May be you have read already: Jean-Paul Boodhoo is currently here in Germany giving his great Nothin but .NET training.
I am happy to join and to learn a lot of .Net stuff, come into discussion with JP and the other attendees.
The course is very intense, that means: Starting the day at 8.30 after breakfast, training and coding sessions the whole day until 10.00pm (or later)!
JP sent a lot of stuff for course preparation: A list of prerequisites (VS2008, Resharper, ...), a screencast explaining how to prepare and configure the machine and - and that's what I have never seen before with a training - some homework exercise to get into TDD. The exercise consists of a prepared unit test (of course, written in JP's BDD style) together with skeleton of a class to test. I was our job to complete the class to all the unit test running. This was really a cool preparation and i got appetite for more!

Day 1:
After a small introduction JP started with having a look at our exercise results and picks up one to refactor it more and more. The intense use of lambda expressions to build a fluent interface for searching and sorting signals: that will be a tough week! And, a lot of bloggers mentioned already, JP is fast, really fast in coding. I can't imagine where he stores all the keyboard shortcuts for VS, R#, GVIM, Vimperator, ...
We covered a lot of topics and can' summarize all, but there some of them I definately want to dig in more.
Here a small list of my coding highlights from day 1:
- Specification pattern
- Interface based programming
- Coding by intention
- Don't start with inheritance, refactor to inheritance
- Extension methods are also available for .Net 2.0

I will do my very best to continue blogging during this week! But forgive me if I fall asleep at the keyboard ;-)

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